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Tuesday, 18 May 2010

VBC (Veena's Baby Club)

My latest project Veena's Baby Club has really taken off.
There's something
of a baby boom in the South Lincolnshire
Area. Parents , babies & young
children just love the warm
relaxed feel of my studio here in Holbeach
Bank. They just
can't help themselves. Now they are even bringing all
friends & families to the studio when they come to visit.
Why not book
a morning shoot then take a break visiting
local attractions and having
lunch before returning to the
studio to see your images. With Fathers Day
fast approaching
why not treat DAD and buy him some Gift Vouchers for a

Photo Shoot at Veena's Studio.

To capture the magical changes during your baby's first
year - 3
sittings at 4, 8 & 12 months. This package includes
two 7x5 photos
& four 5x4 photos per session, with a total
cost of just £150 for
all those wonderful memories.

Register free of charge during the first month following
the birth of your baby
and receice a free complimentary
set of 3 Keyrings with your baby's photo.
Call Veena for more
details on the Studio telephone:
01406 422331

May 2010

Last few days have been hectic with studio
portraits, baby shoots and the launch of my
new web site. The wedding of Stuart &
Sammy at Saint Georges Church , Stamford
was lovely and I was able to climb part of
the Bell Tower onto a balcony to take some
beautiful photos of The Bride, Groom & all
the congregation. Summer came at last, sun
shining, everyone having fun and lots of
photos being taken.

Fundraising Activities

Hello everyone welcome to my new Blog & my new web site.
Big thank you to
Ben & Kelly at www.grandeurgraphics.com for all their help.
Must be careful not to " blow my own trumpet"
but fund raising is a small but important part
of my life. In the years before I opened my
own photographic studio in Holbeach Bank I
was involved with groups raising money for
charity and helping local community projects.
A highlight for me was a thrilling parachute
jump which was great fun and the funds raised
supported local causes. Ongoing fund raising
work involves coffee mornings at my studio,
cheese & wine evenings with a photo shoot
and talks to groups about my life and work.
All monies raised are shared between local
projects e.g. The Holbeach Hospital and a
cause close to my own heart. On a trip to
India a few yearsago I came across a school
for Slum Children in Bangalore. The school
is a life line for children from 3 years old by
schooling them and providing them with their
only hot meal of the day. At Balls, Masonic
Ladies Nights, Proms etc I always donate
a raffle prize and often a small percentage
of income to the charity linked.